DCP Tech Ventures is continuously developing opportunities in external ecosystems to reimagine the energy value chain and drive open innovation


      AI/ML, Autonomous operations, Advanced analytics, Digital twins

      IoT Sensors, Edge compute, Satellites, Drones, Aerial surveys

      Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Robotics, Safety technologies, Predictive maintenance

      Field workforce digital applications & Customer experience

      Strategic partnerships, Market research, Co-development, Monetization


      Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and Methane management

      Solar energy, Waste heat recoveries, Other renewables

      Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG), Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

      Hydrogen and Fusion

      Strategic partnerships, Market research, Policy developments

DCP Technology Ventures is continuously accelerating emerging technologies to improve sustainability & drive efficiencies


We continuously leverage an open innovation platform to pilot digital solutions in partnership with the startup ecosystem. In collaboration with our internal and external business partners, we validate the real-world value of emerging technologies in improving our process and experiences. Here are some current pilots, products, and other highlights.




    We partner with the startup ecosystem to drive transformation for DCP and the midstream industry. With the framework of an open innovation platform, we partner with various organizations enabling new emerging technologies.


    As an industry leader for 90+ years, our midstream expertise is deep. Our multi-year digital transformation journey means we are experienced and positioned to rapidly pilot and adopt emerging technologies. We are focused on helping startups go from good to great and together we can transform the midstream industry.


    We help accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies at DCP Midstream. We bring proven digital solutions to our industry peers globally, to scale up their platforms and solutions.


    As digital transformation leaders, technologists, and industry experts - we are reimagining the energy value chain and driving new possibilities. Come share your vision for the midstream industry. Let us know how we can help.


At DCP, we engage a variety of stakeholders to identify and adopt emerging technologies for the midstream industry. Our goal is to help promote and co-develop solutions for DCP and the broader industry, as well as provide critical feedback by industry experts. The proven digital solutions that are developed internally, or in partnerships, are available for the wider midstream industry globally. For any questions, please reach out to ventures@dcpmidstream.com

  • Plug and Play

    Plug and Play is an accelerator and innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and world’s largest corporations. Plug and Play focuses on accelerator programs, corporate innovation, and venture capital investments. They have 26 locations across the world, each with their own local strategic partners and focus areas.

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  • Rice Alliance for Technology
    and Entrepreneurship

    Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship is a nationally recognized initiative devoted to the support of technology commercialization, entrepreneurship education, and the launch of technology companies.

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  • Kairos

    In partnership with Kairos Aerospace, DCP is piloting a groundbreaking new methane management initiative. The initiative utilizes Kairos’ sophisticated airborne methane monitoring techniques and advanced data analytics to digitally enable DCP’s goals of operational excellence and sustainability.

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    In partnership with ChampionX, DCP has developed an AI powered solution offering that detects 86% of compressor valve leaks, up to 6 weeks before traditional threshold alarms - deployed in days, not weeks.

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  • Integrated
    Collaboration Center

    The ICC is an integrated collaboration center comprised of experts from operations, engineering, gas control, scheduling, and business analysts. Together, they utilize financial, operational, and commercial analytics in real-time through the DSS platform - a custom analytics platform to optimize the full midstream value chain.

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  • Operations Decision
    Support System

    DSS is an internally developed solution that enables operational decision making and insights using sensor data and analytics, alerting users to issues across assets. DSS monitors and reports real-time KPIs, accessible 24/7 by all employees on any desktop or mobile device from anywhere across the DCP footprint.

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