Gathering & Processing

Gathering & Processing

We’re a gathering and processing powerhouse
Gathering and processing raw natural gas to make it marketable is the foundation of what we do. We process more than five billion cubic feet of gas every day, and we produce approximately 400,000 barrels per day of natural gas liquids (NGLs).

This segment’s portfolio is geographically diverse among the country's premier basins, with a mix of fee- and commodity-based businesses. Our natural gas systems have the ability to deliver gas into numerous downstream transportation pipelines and markets. Many of our outlets transport gas to premium markets in the eastern United States, further enhancing the competitiveness of our commercial efforts in and around our natural gas gathering systems.

Location, Scale and System Flexibility
In this industry, size, scale, and location matte-, and we have them all.

Our asset base, including 36 active plants and approximately 51,000 miles of pipeline, are in the most desirable, liquids-rich basins, including the Eagle Ford, the DJ Basin, the Permian Basin and the SCOOP/STACK areas of the Midcontinent.

We have interconnected a series of plants and gathering systems that feed into very competitive and flexible networks. Our systems allow more operating adaptability and better reliability for customers. Additionally, our Integrated Collaboration Center (ICC), ensures we are optimizing each molecule in real-time.

Enviable Footprint
We have an unmatched footprint which provides us access to multiple resource plays, both oil and gas, as well as conventional and unconventional plays. It also helps to mitigate our natural gas supply risk in that we are not tied to one natural gas resource type or producing area. Our infrastructure is vertically integrated to deliver NGL services from the tailgate of our plants to the market centers of Conway and Mont Belvieu.


East Mid-Continent: Richard Trujillo
West Mid-Continent: Chris Sublett


North: Adam Ludwig


* Map reflects acquisition of James Lake System, effective August 1, 2022

Southeast New Mexico: John Cochran
West Texas: Kaleigh Brown


Gulf Coast and South Central Texas (Eagle Ford): Mike Hosey
East Texas: Charles Ladd